Friday, August 19, 2011

Shopping - ASOS

Our first contributor (remember, you can suggest or share content here) brought up ASOS - a great site if you're looking for a mainstream look while still sporting a rather tight skirt.  While their offerings change constantly, they've often featured rather slim skirts and dresses - particularly designs that don't feature a slit, therefore visibly impeding the stride while not overtly looking extreme.  Here are a couple of current examples:

What is particularly great about the ASOS site is that they feature runway videos of all their products, so you can actually see how the garments look on a walking model.  I highly recommend checking it out - you'll see why I included the pieces above.  You can find several similar skirts and dresses by simply doing a search for "maxi."  Also, I want to point out that the link here are to the US site, but ASOS has several other regional variations as well.

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