Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A New Start

Unfortunately time constraints have forced me to shut down the old site. Even if you were a fan, I think you'd agree that spam took over the forum, and I wasn't updating much. But instead of abandoning it altogether, I decided to transition to a blog format. This will allow me to post relevant content quickly (I’ll slowly transition some of the old site to this space), avoid spam, and hopefully encourage occasional contributions from all of you (I encourage you to comment, especially on the open thread posts).

Few of us like change, but I hope you stick around and give it a chance. Please bare with me as I build this out. I started with a minimalist template, but will likely expand it in the future if there is enough of a response. Also, I welcome any suggestions as well.


  1. Hi!

    I was looking for a storie you had posted on the forum. It was called "the help" or something like it. It had 56 chapters (or something similar). do you still have it? Could you send a copy my way or maybe tell me were I can get one?.

  2. Jerry (aka revzillo)November 15, 2011 at 3:49 PM

    I'd just like to say Hi and would like to add that I think you've done a great job here with this new site. I hope you don't mind me posting some more of my artwork, I've done quite a lot of new stuff since your last site was on and would love to beable to post some of those plus any of the old stuff I posted before if you like .

    Best wishes and here's to a new beginning on Hobble Skirt

    Jerry (aka revzillo)

  3. Jerry - of course, love to share your work. I'm still catching up, obviously. :)

  4. I was keeping a favorite to a story called "private partner" that was on the old site. Is there another place to get it?

  5. I'll try and post some as soon as we get another computer sorted .....ours went FUBAR ....the mother board decided to pack in so I'm having to use my daughters P.C at the moment ! ;-)